Monday, February 6, 2012

Chocolate covered strawberries....

are an aphrodisiac.  With Valentine's Day around the corner it is time to turn up the romance

Try some of these simple ideas.
1.  Send a pic with a kiss.  This will get your lovers mind going in the right direction.

2.  Create an ambiance in your home.  Add some fragrance, fresh flowers, yummy desserts and fruits, sexy sounds, and dim lighting (candles). 

3.  Skip dinner and go straight to dessert

CoCo Salsa Dessert Restaurant in Washington DC.

CoCo Salsa....looks so yummy!

4.  Most importantly....Doll your self up.  Put on a scent that will grab his attention.  Find a new piece of  lingerie to keep his attention.   Apply body oils to make your skin feel like silk. 

Check out these sexy and glamorous pieces from Belle Boudior. Sometimes less is more.

They also offer pinup photo shoots. Now that is a gift he won't forget.   Check out their page on facebook.

Try out some Body Scrubs by Good Scents Oils.

Gifts for HIM
This is one of my favorite cologne's for men......The smell is masculine but clean and fresh.

Gifts for HER

Hadley Moores jewlery designs are to die for.....

Jewlery with an edge.

Fab Lab

Here are some unconventional ways of displaying your candles.

 Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens

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