Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm Your Personal Assistant

The Holidays are here and life can get a bit impractical, stressful and straight out ridiculous. Give yourself the time you need to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones by hiring me as your personal assistant.

Get a special rate on my services starting at $8 per hour! The special only lasts til Monday so don't waste time to book me to help you tackle your to do list.

I want to be your Personal Assistant!!! I have tons of experience in this area with my own life experiences, my counseling background, and my designing business. My background checks and certifications are available to you for review if requested for service purposes.

Check out the services I offer:
-Personal and Executive Assistance
-Entertainment, Reservations, Tickets and Travel Info
-General Errands and Appointment Booking
-Shopping and Gift Assistance
-Organizing, Decorating and Staging
-Party and Event Assistance/Planning
-Project Managing
-Children Activities and Supports

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