Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paint It to Perfection

Undoubtedly the easiest way to change the look of your space without spending tons of money is to paint.  As long as you do your research you will find that almost everything can be painted.  There are a wide variety of paint colors and paint textures for you to choose from.  I personally looooove bold vibrant colors, textured paints, chalk paint and metallic paints!

Check this out.....

Paint your cabinets in your bathroom or kitchen!

Paint your furniture!
Steciling is a great way to spice up anything you want to paint.

Paint some artwork!

Paint your walls, ceiling or floors!

Metallic paint on the ceiling is definitely hot!
Stripes are an easy way to bring some life to an ordinary wall.  Another way to spice up a wall is to paint seperate walls in one room slightly different tones.
 Find out more about painting your floors at
Don't forget about your interior doors.

Paint your lighting fixtures!
Spray paint makes it a lot easier to get those crooks and nannies on lighting fixtures.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Designing a Room for Sensory Needs

  I have had more than 10 years of experience working with children with developmental issues and the one thing that I have found that helps them grow socially and academically is an environnment that can stimulate their sensory needs.  Not only should a child with special needs have a room specially designed to fit their sensory needs in their educational setting but one should be provided in their home. 
Many children with special needs have difficulties communicating.  Most of us are able to talk about what we want or need or do something to help ourselves like taking a soothing bath to calm our nerves.  Children with special needs must be able to sooth their senses as well. 

Each child is different so each child's room should be built to meet their specific needs.  One of my favorite items to aid in the growth of children with disabilities is an Ipad.  There are many different apps available that help with sensory needs.  Some others are easily made at home like a container of sand or noodles, velcro, and shaving cream.  Contact me for more information about building an environment to fit your childs sensory needs.

Check out some of these items that are made for sensory stimulation.

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Sensory Rooms

Monday, February 13, 2012

What a Decorator has to Offer

Why hire a decorator?  A decorator or designer has the expertise to find what you need within your budget, combine colors and patterns, and makes sure your room exudes function, mood and harmony.  Large DIY projects could end up costing  you a lot more than you imagined.  Let a decorator or designer manage your project and complete it in a time frame you desire.

Find out what services you can get for your budget from Joie de Designs.

For under $300 you can get:
FREE Consultation
Online Decor Services
Organization Services
Color Consultation
Research for home furniture, accessories, lighting and more
Cleaning Services
Accessorizing Your Home
Custom Made Pillows
For $500 or less you can get:
All of the above
Event Decor

For over $500 you can get:
All of the above
Master Design

Find out details about my services at


Redesign After

Redesign Before


Commercial Master Design


Online Decor Services

Custom Made Throw Pillows

Fab Lab

Kimberly and Cameron Interiors-You can make your house look fab with just neutral tones.  Bring in an element of outdoors inside.  The palm trees make a statement and adds a mood of warmth. 

Smith Boyd Interiors-All of the different textures and patterns give this room a rich look and feeling.

Style De Vie- The different hues of orange adds vibrance to the room.  Check out the fabric wall panels.  The added details pull this room together perfectly.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Chocolate covered strawberries....

are an aphrodisiac.  With Valentine's Day around the corner it is time to turn up the romance

Try some of these simple ideas.
1.  Send a pic with a kiss.  This will get your lovers mind going in the right direction.

2.  Create an ambiance in your home.  Add some fragrance, fresh flowers, yummy desserts and fruits, sexy sounds, and dim lighting (candles). 

3.  Skip dinner and go straight to dessert

CoCo Salsa Dessert Restaurant in Washington DC.

CoCo Salsa....looks so yummy!

4.  Most importantly....Doll your self up.  Put on a scent that will grab his attention.  Find a new piece of  lingerie to keep his attention.   Apply body oils to make your skin feel like silk. 

Check out these sexy and glamorous pieces from Belle Boudior. Sometimes less is more.

They also offer pinup photo shoots. Now that is a gift he won't forget.   Check out their page on facebook.

Try out some Body Scrubs by Good Scents Oils.

Gifts for HIM
This is one of my favorite cologne's for men......The smell is masculine but clean and fresh.

Gifts for HER

Hadley Moores jewlery designs are to die for.....

Jewlery with an edge.

Fab Lab

Here are some unconventional ways of displaying your candles.

 Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens

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