Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paint It to Perfection

Undoubtedly the easiest way to change the look of your space without spending tons of money is to paint.  As long as you do your research you will find that almost everything can be painted.  There are a wide variety of paint colors and paint textures for you to choose from.  I personally looooove bold vibrant colors, textured paints, chalk paint and metallic paints!

Check this out.....

Paint your cabinets in your bathroom or kitchen!

Paint your furniture!
Steciling is a great way to spice up anything you want to paint.

Paint some artwork!

Paint your walls, ceiling or floors!

Metallic paint on the ceiling is definitely hot!
Stripes are an easy way to bring some life to an ordinary wall.  Another way to spice up a wall is to paint seperate walls in one room slightly different tones.
 Find out more about painting your floors at
Don't forget about your interior doors.

Paint your lighting fixtures!
Spray paint makes it a lot easier to get those crooks and nannies on lighting fixtures.

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  1. Thanks ladies. I hope you were able to come up with some savvy solutions for decorating that involve paint. If so, do share.

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