Thursday, March 28, 2013

Staging Tips

If you want to get top dollar for your property it is a must that you stage it. Here are some essential tips to stage your property:
1. Depersonalize- Take down all of your personal photos, accessories, knick knacks so that the buyers can see themselves living in your home.
2. Declutter- Nothining is more than a turn off than clutter. So keep it neat. That means closets and cabinets also.
3. Muted tones and Neutrals-Paint over walls that may have bold colors. Opt for neutrals. Buyers may not be able to look past your creative attributes. Fresh coats of paint is a plus.
4. Style-Make sure the style of your home relates to the character of your home.
5. Odd areas-Define those odd areas in your home with 1 it 2 pieces of furniture and walk art.
6. Floor Plans- Set up furniture that creates functional conversation flows.
7. Luxurious linens- Do put on nice bed linens and drapes.
8. Patch up holes in walls and repair floors.
9. Kitchens and Bathrooms-Upgrade to stainless steal appliances in your kitchen. Makes your kitchen look updated. Small changes like replacing faucets and staining your cabinets helps renew the look of your kitchens and bathrooms.
10. Lighting- Each room should be well lit with updated lighting fixtures.
11. Rooms- Every room should serve a purpose so make sure the room looks like what it is suppose to resemble.
12. Wall decor- Use a variety of wall art when decorating.
13. Accessorizing- Use groups of 3 or more when using accessories.
14. Fragrance- Nothing is more pleasing than a nice smelling home. Stick to one consistent smell throughout your home.
15. Organize your closets and cabinets.

If the home your selling is empty you can either rent furniture or use my virtual staging services. Find out more about virtual staging by viewing my past post.

Best of luck with selling your property!

DIY Headboard

Make your headboard the life of the room and you can make it yourself.

1. Measure the width of your bed.
2. Use painting tape to outline the size of the headboard you want.
3. Get these materials: canvas board (in the size of your choice), fabric of your choice, batting, staple gun, staples, nails and a hammer.
4. Measure out the batting to cover the front of your canvas board and cut to size
5. Measure the fabric around the canvas board. Make sure you wrap the fabric around to the back of the canvas board.
6. Cover the canvas with fabric. Staple down. Tuck corners like your wrapping a box. Cut off access fabric.

Decorate with Jewel Tones

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Virtual Staging

You no longer have to get potential property buyers to try hard to envision what a room would look like with furniture and painted walls. Virtual Staging is hot and could save you tons of money. No more spending tons of money on rented furniture. Just put an easel with the blown up virtual picture of the room to give buyers a view of what the room looks like when it is dressed up.