Friday, February 8, 2013

She said, "Yes To The Dress"!

I am all cheery about my 5 minutes of fame from being on TLC's "Say Yes To The Dress"! No I'm not the one getting married (been there done that) but my best friend is. You will definitely see more from my friend, Nicole Crumpler, when her upcoming show about raising her adorable quads airs.

The show airs out of the trendy bridal store Kleinfeld's in NY. The gowns are spectacular to say the least!!! The hour show you see on tv took about 8 hours to achieve. I guess it would take that long to find the perfect wedding dress. My stomach was growling horribly but it was all worth it. The biggest thing I learned that day about reality tv is that it is all staged. From the time you walk in to the end. Would I do something like that again? Hell yeah!!!!

Maybe next time It will be a show that I could show my design talents. What would it be called? Hmmmmm.......Stay tuned.

Watch TLC 's "Say Yes To The Dress" tonight at 9pm.