Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oprah Winfrey's Remodel for Her Home in Santa Barbara

When I ran across an article about Oprah Winfrey remodeling her home in Santa Barbara I dreamed about designing her home for her. I'm pretty sure most interior designers wished they could of designed her home but unfortunately she chose one person to do the job. The traditional styles of Rose Tarlow owner of Melrose House was chosen. Rose's work and furnishings are classically extraordinary. Her designs are shown in House Veranda, AD, House and Beautiful and can be found online.

Oprah has a classic traditional style and wants her home to embody the person she is today. As Oprah talked about how lovely her home once was she did declare that it didn't represent the woman she is now. With tons of books, matching patterns and soothing colors, Oprah is ready to take on the "New New" persona and model that for her home.

The pictures of the rooms are of Oprah's present designs. The newly remodeled home may be revealed before the end of the summer (if we are lucky).

I added a few pics of what I think Oprah may want her newly designed home to resemble. Pics were made by me using Polyvore.