Monday, January 30, 2012

Free Your Mind!

"Free your mind and the rest will follow".....Just singing that old tune from En Vogue.  It is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the different entities of our lives.  As you sit there and ponder on how to make more time for yourself or time to work out or time to do just about anything, you must consider delucluttering and organizing your home to start you on the right path.  I am a big offender of clutter problems.  My closet and office were the two main problems so I decided to tackle the problem so my mind could!

1.  Declutter-Remove items and either trash it, donate it or have a garage sale.  When it comes to clothes if you haven't worn it for more than 2 years let it go!  Same thing goes for documents.  If you have a problem deciding what documents you should keep or let go of then just download them to your computer that way you won't have a big pile of papers all over your home. 

2.  Organize-Organize items according to the categories they fit in (ex. hair care, cleaning products, tops, bottoms, tax forms, housing forms, receipts).  Once you have categorized your things, make sure you find a spot to place them with easy access for frequently used items.  It is easy to find organizing supplies at any store that carries house hold items.
3.  Clean-Dust, vacuum and mop.  Add some smell goods in your home so that you can have some aroma therapy. 

These tips are sure to help you to take your first steps in the right direction. 

Fab Lab

Here is a lovely home office I decorated in Lawrenceville, GA.  Since the room also had a pull out leather couch in it, space was an issue.  Instead of making the room more cluttered the solution was to put the bookcases in the closet. The doors to the closet were removed so that the bookcase could be displayed.

Kim K in In Style Magazine. I love the wood textures in this closet.

Most of us don't have a dressing room for a closet but that doesn't mean to slack on the style.Kimora Lee's closet.  Designs by Marie Burgos.  The cheetah rug is quite fab don't you think.

Christina Aguilera's closet is designed by Marie Burgos.  The shades of pink make a statement.

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