Thursday, July 24, 2014

Designs of Atlanta

I just got back from my 2 week trip in Atlanta. Atlanta is a designers best friend. It has so much to offer. There are massive amounts of resources in Georgia for furniture, flooring, fabrics, art, lighting, and so much more. If your into design then Atlanta is definitely a place you need to visit!

You can't go to Atlanta without checking out Atlanta's Design Art Center.  Even if your not a designer the design centers in every state are great to visit for inspiration for your own space.

I went to the Articulate Event at the ADAC. The Articulate Event was a showcase for new an upcoming artist to display their talent. Absolutely Fabulous!

DJ Spun on the wheels. She rocked it!

The artist Christian Smith

Loved how you could add your own little artistic talent to the canvas.

Photography from Shocphoto 

My favorite store Z Gallerie is in Atlanta so you know I had to stop in to the Z Gallerie in Atlantic Station! Why isn't the Z Gallerie up north??? That really hurts my heart.

Go visit Atlanta and share some of your photos with me.

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