Saturday, August 25, 2012

Apartment Wall Design Solutions

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the design.  I see far too many bare walls and lack luster wall art that don’t do anything for the rooms decor. Bring in colors, patterns and/or geometric shapes to make you fall in love with it. Ok. I wont talk you to death.  Just check out these items to turn your drab walls into something super fab.  Best part about it, you can do it yourself.

atlas tapestry

Hang a tapestry to your wall to add prints, patterns and colors. If you can’t find a tapestry just hang a vibrant rug or some spectacular fabric.  #urbanoutfitters #tapestry #rug #fabric

curtains ikea

Hang your curtains from wall to wall, ceiling to floor.  #ikea #drapes


Add a wall decal.  There are tons of choices in prints, words, shapes, and the list goes on and on and on,,,,,  They are easy to apply and are removable.  #walldecal #esty

Etta Temporary Wallpaper in Pearl

Temp Paper offers a variety of easy applicable and removable wallpaper.  I absolutely love this wallpaper!   #wallpaper #temppaper

design public wall applique

Wall applique provides you with great definition and dimension.  Your company will surely admire your wall applique and probably will run copy your idea.   #designpublic #wallapplique


led sconce ebay 3

LED wall sconces will put a little sparkle into your room. Added lighting is always a plus and since it is battery operated you won’t need to hire a contractor.  That can be our little secret. #ebay #wallsconce

cb2 mirror

Hang a large mirror. Mirrors can make a dark room seem lighter when hung opposite of a window and they can make a room feel larger. #cb2  #mirror


Fab lab

accessories and color smithboyd


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