Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lower Prices and Summer Sale!

No one wants to spend a fortune on anything these days but that doesn't stop us from wanting quality without the large price tag.  We all want to live in a home that is stylish and functional.  Don't worry.  The answer is here. Who said you can't hire an interior designer on a budget?  Not me.  Peak at my services below and see how these savings will make you feel like you've got quality services without the large price tag.

New Prices
Home Goods Research $25- Let me find the pieces you need for your home that fit in your budget.
Online Design Services $50- get a 3D model of your room with a list of places to purchase your home goods.  great for DYI'ers!
Room Accessorizing $50- I will help you find the accessories you need to make your room look complete.
Sensory Room Design $25 per hour- If you have a child with special needs this is the service you need.  My background in Behavior Therapy allows me to identify what your child may need to function better in life.
Organization $25 per hour-I will put the function back into your living space.

Summer Sale!
Get 50% off on all services until Labor Day Weekend!  The best part is that you can use these services anytime before January 2013.  These are unbeatable deals for quality design services that you won't want to miss.  Deposits must be made before Labor Day Weekend.  Don't miss out!

Here is what the savings will look like:

Free online Consultations!
$25 In Home Consultations!
$12.50 Home Goods Research!
$25 per hour Redesign Services!
$25 Online Design Services!
$25 (per room) for Room Accessorizing!
$25 per hour for Event and Holiday Decor!
$25 per hour for Home and Theatre Staging!
$25 per hour for Master Design!
$12.50 per hour for Sensory Room Designs!
$12.50 per hour for Organization Services!

Contact Monique Ireland for more information.

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