Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dorm Room Decor

Dorm room decor services sale is the perfect gift for your loved ones going off to college.  Details about this sale are on my previous blog under "Kids Rooms". Check it out!

Send your loved ones off on the right foot. Off to college they go with new dreams and experiences in their path. Prepare now for their journey into adulthood. Some things you may want to take into account:
1. Organization and function are key when you are starting a new chapter in your life. Buying items that serve multiple functions is key. Take into account organizational items for bedding, bathing, dressing, dining and studying.
2. Choose colors that compliment not only your side of the room but your roommates as well.
3. Your walls are a big focal point. Make sure you dress them up to the fullest.  There are tons of items to use for walls like posters, pictures, wall decals, temporary wallpaper, curtains, fabric and rugs.
4. Protect yourself from bed bugs by using an enclosed mattress cover. 
5. Lighting is a big must have with all of the studying and paper writing that will take place. A fun way to bring in the lights is by using String lights. 
6. A curtain, room divider or dresser could help serve as a room divider for some privacy.
7. Throw in some pattern in your lamp shade or bed comforter or rug.
8. Definitely get a big calendar to stay on top of your responsibilities.
9. A big comfy chair makes it nice for guests to sit.
10. Last but not least, make sure you bring in your character into the design. Show your creativity.

Here is a list of online stores to grab some great items at savvy prices.

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