Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This time of the year it seems we all are consumed with cookouts, baby showers, birthday parties, anniversary parties, weddings,  graduations or just a party.  You may have your own event that you are planning and you should make it one to remember.

There are some key details that will have your guests admiring your taste.


Lighted Furniture from American Furniture Rentals.
 Uplighting (google pic)
 Lantern Lights (google pic) I buy lighted lanterns from the Dollar Store.  Shhhhhhh...Don't tell anyone. 
 Monogram Lighting~Can be used for the floor, wall or ceiling. (google pic)
 Chandeliers from Shop Wild Things
 Pool Lantern Balls (google pic)

 Lighted Cones (google pic)
Lighted Wall Dividers from Shop Wild Things.

Ceiling Decor
 Ceiling Drape (google pic)
 Ceiling Drape from Event Decor Direct.
 Hanging glass Bulbs (google pic)
 Different shaped Chandeliers
 Beads from Shop Wild Things
Paper flowers (google pics)


 Drape your ceiling in  color

 Use parasols to add color (pininterest)
 Pool flower balls (google)

 Table linens in color (google)
Light your room in color

Table Decor


Pics from pininterest and google

 Clutch Invitation
 Comical Invitations
 Oragami Invitations
 Personal Picture Invites
 Pop Up Invites
 Ribbon Detailed Invites

Party Favors

Instead of buying your guests something that you won't use why not use the money for the favors and donate it to your favorite cause.

Fab Lab

Items from Shop Phag

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