Thursday, May 31, 2012

Organize your closet to make your wardrobe creative

I love HGTV's Million Dollar Rooms.  On one of their shows Lisa Adams showed us how she puts together a fabulously custom made boutique like closet.  She designed Kris Brenner's closet into this amazingly well organized closet.  Brenner made a statement that I couldn't agree with more.  She said, "You can get really creative with your wardrobe when you know where everything is".  She is so right!

Have you ever cleaned out your closet and forgot you had some fabulous piece of wardrobe that has been hiding from you. I'm a chronic offender.  Now I know many of us don't have the money to just get a custom made closet but there are other solutions that won't break your bank.

First, check out Lisa Adam's stylish walk in closet.

Picture from

These pictures inspire me to look my best no matter what the occasion is.  These outfits are well put together and make a statement.

Check out these easy to find solutions to make your wardrobe a masterpiece.

Custom Closets

These custom made closets can be bought from your local home store.

Shoe Organization

I can't get enough of this lazy susan shoe organizer!  You can get it on etsy.  Shoe cubbies are always an easy solution.  The hanging molding strips are adorable!  A shoe chest is just delightful and can be achieved simply by going to your local thrift store and purchasing on that fits in your closet. 

Jewelry Organization

The paper towel rack is SWEET for those bangles that are cluttering up your dresser top.  In the last pick those are simple hooks that come 4 in a pack for $2 at Walmart.

Belts, Scarves, Ties and Hats

All of these solutions are easy to find at most of your neighborhood stores.  Even clothing stores have items they sale for organization purposes.  Marshall's, Urban Outfitters, Target are just a few out of millions.

Children Clothing Organization Solutions

For your precious newborns, find easy solutions to all of those different sizes of clothing they have already accumulated.  Etsy sales similar organization solutions like this one.

Handbag Organization

My handbags are organized in cubbies but I prefer for them to be placed on floating shelves like the picture above.  That way I don't have to squat.  I know...I shouldn't be so lazy but just grabbing a bag off of a floating shelf seems much better to me.

Most pictures are from Pininterest

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