Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dramatic Walls

When your home looks good you feel good. Dressing your walls or ceilings is a must.   Below are a few tips that you could do yourself or you could hire a contractor to do the work. 

Make a wall gallery.  It is simple and easy.  Here I used wood frames that I painted black and simply put different black and white patterns in the frames.  Line your photos or artwork up on the floor before you apply it to a wall.  I used mounting tape to hold the frames and patterns to the wall.  Items can be found at A.C. Moore and Jo Anns Fabric Stores.

Make your own art work.  Get a canvas board from any arts and craft store and go wild.  Paint it, stencil it, or apply fabric to it to get the look you want.  In this picture I spray painted the canvas silver, then wrapped it with wire, applied some scrap metal and then added studs to the edges of the scrap metal.

If you have a plain mirror jazz it up by frosting it out, painting it, or use stencil.  Here I applied painters tape in different directions and then sprayed the mirror with frost.

Add a border around your existing art work to make it POP.  This was done by simply using paint tape and paint.  You also can use a molding to bring out your exiting wall art.,  Molding is a great statement piece.

Etsy.  Wall Decals are an easy DIY project.

Scenicreflection.  Wallpaper is often used on accent walls.  In this picture it shows you how they use 2 different wallpapers to define two different spaces which looks great!   


  1. Beautiful ideas for the walls.. I may use them...

  2. It is true that when your home looks good you feel good that like when you dress good you look good and you also feel good. So decorate your home and enjoy life. wall decals