Friday, March 30, 2012

Celebrity Homes

Most of us love to see what celebrities are doing, what they are wearing and whatt is going on in their lives.  They can inspire us and sometimes disappoint us.  Let's check out how they are living and see if they are making a passing grade. 

Evelyn from the reality tv show Basketball Wives recenty added these sheik drapes to her humble abode. I like the chandalier.  Makes a great statement piece.  I will give this an S for satisfactory since I can't see the rest of the room.

Lil Waynes living room.  Needs a bit of color to match his character.  B

Donatella Versace.  She obviously has great taste.  A

 Courtney Cox kitchen. I love stainless steel.  Great floors as well. Good job Courtney. A

 Diane Keatons home.  Loving that tableand chair.  The  room is a little bare though. B

 T Pains shower.  The ceiling light emulates the sun and clouds.  For the love of money. B-

 Will an Jada's pad. Great space planning and nice flow.  Love the punch of color.   A++

 Kim from Atlanta Housewives home.  Everyone should get a professional pic of themselves blown up and placed on a wall in their home. The chest is nice but I'm not sure if that was the right place for it to go. A-

 Dwight from the housewives of Atlanta.  I like everything except the coffee table. B+
 Kanye's bathroom. Excellent chandalier but the room looks a liitle cold.  B-

 Taylor Swift's home .  Looking good Taylor.  A+

Rihanna's house.  White always is fresh.  Good choice of color pops.  A

Fab Lab
This extravagant 20k Majestic Crib is said to be the same crib Beyonce and Jay Z purchased for their adorable Blue Ivy. 

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  1. I am stunned by that crib! I just hope the wheels stay put. Indeed, Donatella Versace speaks of class and elegance. I love the table. It looks good for brain storming and homework making. I bet the price will not look good on my credit card though. Speaking of luxury, that ceiling light in T Pain’s shower is a statement, this will definitely inspire home owners and painting contractors Denver the like. Amazing post.